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The benefits of workplace ergonomics revolve around comfort and wellness, both of which impact employee satisfaction and office culture. Being able to sit in a comfortable chair, looking at a monitor without straining the neck, or lounge in the break room is about more than just good posture for employees—it’s about feeling comfortable and relaxed because of good posture.

Are you living with back-ache, arthritis or any other condition that impairs your working day in a physical manner? 

Examples of ergonomics:

- Chairs

- Tables

- Keyboards & mice

- Foot & leg rests

- Monitor risers

- Supports & cushions

- Light shields

- Software

An assessor will come out to your workplace in order to determine exactly what you require to access your work; this can be an Access to Work Officer, an external contractor or an RNIB employment specialist.

You can get the most out of any assessment by thinking about all the aspects of your job beforehand. Try to identify all the areas where your disability affects your work.


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